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Our Roots

​Nourishing Food for Thought is  a 10-acre family farm nestled in Jupiter Farms, Florida.  The original plan in 2006, was to use the vast space to grow palm trees.  However, in our founder Suzie Dudas' search for raw dairy and pastured, sustainably-raised livestock, she came up short. She couldn't find anyone in the area who was producing the kind of food she wanted to feed her family - clean, nutritionally dense, soy-free, and non-GMO.

She began to wonder - where did that iconic glass bottle of milk go? What happened to those local dairies? Suzie wanted to know her farm. She wanted to trust where her food came from, and how it was raised. So she decided to buy a cow. 

After a while, we were producing more milk than we knew what to do with. We started to give it away to friends, then to friends of friends, then soon enough, we were selling our raw milk, eggs, butter, and soaps throughout the community.

Eventually, we decided to expand our focus to our nonprofit educational outreach - and so Nourishing Food for Thought began. In addition to providing clean, wholesome food to the Jupiter community (and beyond), we began our true mission of empowering people to grow their own food, and providing them with the resources and skills they need to make the move from consumers to producers.

We provide community outreach and education through our toursworkshops, and events. 

If our mission appeals to you, consider volunteering or donating to our cause. As we serve those in our community, we also rely on their generous support to make our mission a reality. 

Meet Our Family

Since Zale & Saxon's untimely death on April 23, 2021, farming is now dedicated in the memory of their amazing life.

Founder Suzie Dudas lives on Jupiter Creamery Farm.

My education programs were initially inspired by my family.
I set out to provide the best quality dairy products for them.

As the farm grew, the education programs expanded from educational tours to butter-making classes to summer camps.

I am passionate about educating. I started the farm in an attempt to preserve and sustain nature and creation for what it was intended to be. Society and industries have perverted the natural elements we’ve been given here on earth to mutate them into what would be best for their pockets.


I am passionate about sustaining these natural elements to raise awareness on this issue and on the importance of this preservation, which would be best for the people, for our health.  I am an advocate of holistic, sustainable farming and nutritional education. 

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